The Workers Behind the Scenes - Our Adults

Connecticut Rainbow has many wonderful adults who volunteer themselves to be on various committees throughout the state and in local assemblies. Our adults bring many talents to the organization, which helps them support and teach the Rainbow Girls throughout Connecticut. Additionally, all advisors throughout the state are required to fill out an adult certification form, which is kept on file with the Supreme Deputy, Mom Needham.

Junior Grand Executive Committe
Brittney Curcio Kelsey Orsini
Anna Plasky Brigitte Curcio
Marissa Cosgrove Shelbie Fettig
Karissa Weeden Madison Forsander
Senior Grand Executive Committee
Donald Langlois Darcy Needham
Betty Laferriere Liz Plasky
Amy Fontenez Sonja Schmidt
Ann McKusick Susan Taylor
Grand Deputies
Grand Deputy Assembly
Sandra Langlois, Senior Grand Deputy Norwich
Melissa Trofatter Branford, Evergreen
Caroline Masselli Hope
Ann McKusick Milford, Monroe
Michele Saywers Meriden
Cindy Stamm New Britian
Laurel Post Ansonia, Mountain Laurel
Judy Watts Valley
Grand Assembly Committee
Amanda Achilles Harry Needham
Sharon Busher Adam O'Day
Stacey Busher Kathy Raveneau
Lynn Bushey Lenny Schmidt
Sarah Corey Chipper Stamm
Charles Hugh John Stogden
Russ McKusick Melissa Tomlinson
Grand Assembly Hostesses
Liz Plasky, Head Hostess Ali Stamm
Katelyn Anderson Staci Stamm
Emily Blanchette Ashley Schultz
Kelsey Cosgrove Janae Stogden
Julia DeFrances Jessica Stanley
Amy Fontanez Samantha Stoddard
Anne Hines Kylie Stoiber
Brittany Martin Jessica Ziervogel
Darcy Needham Stephanie Watts
Kelsey Reutenauer